Peredvizhnikov Engine: Lock-free game engine written in C++20

Peredvizhnikov Engine is an innovative game engine built in C++20 that utilizes the actor model of concurrent computation. The engine’s lock-free implementation offers numerous advantages, including uninterrupted progress even in the face of thread termination, lack of deadlocks, predictable latency, and fault-tolerance. Surprisingly, Peredvizhnikov Engine can continue running even if one of the worker threads is killed. The engine incorporates various lock-free algorithms, such as Software Transactional Memory and a new type of lock-free queue, among others. For a comprehensive overview of the engine’s design, algorithms used, benchmarks, and more, refer to the accompanying document. For building the engine, Linux and Clang++ 16 are necessary, and the source code is freely available under the GPLv3 license. For inquiries or opportunities, the developer can be reached via email.

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