Pip Imports in Deno

deno_python is a module that seamlessly integrates deno and python. It acts as a bridge between the two languages, allowing you to pass data and execute python code within deno applications. One unique feature is that it enables access to the extensive python ecosystem while remaining native, unlike other runtimes that may not work with all python packages. You can import any locally installed Python package and use it in your deno application. The module also provides a utility called ext/pip for managing python dependencies. It uses the same caching location and algorithm as plug and deno cache. To use it, simply import or install the desired packages. Please note that you need to have an existing Python installation with the shared library for this module to work. The module is maintained by DjDeveloper and Elias Sjögreen, and contributions are welcome. The code follows the Conventional Commits spec and is licensed under the MIT license.


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