Pixel Pump, the Open Source Vacuum Pickup Tool Is Now Shipping

The Pixel Pump, created by Robin Reiter, is an open source manual pick & place assist tool that is now available for shipping. This project, initially entered into the 2021 Hackaday Prize, caught our attention due to its sleek design and the idea of an open architecture for a tool that is essential for desktop assembly. The entire process, from assembly to packaging, has been done in-house, which is quite impressive. The Pixel Pump is accompanied by the SMD-Magazine, a container for parts on SMD tape rolls that can be organized on a rail for specific projects. One interesting modification suggested by Robin is using a foot pedal to control the interactive bill of materials (BoM) plugin, providing a hands-free experience. Although the Pixel Pump is a great option, there are also DIY alternatives available, such as economical systems under $100 or utilizing bead-handling tools. Some have even created tools using small electric vacuum pumps.


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