Privacy Nightmare on Wheels’: Every Car Brand Reviewed by Mozilla

In Mozilla’s latest edition of *Privacy Not Included, it has been revealed that all 25 major car brands reviewed received failing marks for consumer privacy. The research conducted by Mozilla found that car brands such as BMW, Ford, Toyota, Tesla, Kia, and Subaru collect deeply personal data including sexual activity, facial expressions, genetic and health information, and more. The data is collected through various sources such as sensors, microphones, cameras, and connected devices in cars. This data can then be shared or sold to third parties. None of the brands meet Mozilla’s Minimum Security Standards, raising concerns about the encryption of personal information. The worst offender in terms of privacy violations is Nissan, followed by Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia, and Mercedes-Benz. Car data monetization is estimated to be worth $750 billion by 2030. Not a single brand received Mozilla’s Best Of designation, with Renault being the least problematic. The privacy policies and processes of car brands are often convoluted and difficult for consumers to navigate, and meaningful consent for data collection is nonexistent. Car brands also have the ability to share personal information with law enforcement and governments. Data breaches are common in the industry and consumers have very little control over their privacy. It is clear that

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