Review of Hetzner ARM64 Servers and Experience of WebP Cloud Services on Them

In a recent performance evaluation, Hetzner’s ARM64 CAX21 machine demonstrated impressive performance, with only an 8% decrease in WebP conversion speed compared to the AMD64 CPX21 machine. Additionally, the CAX21 offered twice the amount of RAM compared to the CPX21. Due to this performance, WebP Cloud Services migrated to Hetzner’s ARM64 servers. Hetzner Cloud offers ARM64 servers at an attractive price, making it the cheapest option among popular service providers. The ARM64 architecture’s performance is noteworthy, with a 4-core ARM64 processor outperforming a 3-core virtualized AMD processor in a GeekBench test. Overall, the performance and cost-effectiveness of ARM64 architecture make it a potential alternative to the mainstream AMD64 architecture.

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