Sargablock: Bricks from Seaweed

In 2015, sargassum seaweed began washing up on the shores of the Riviera Maya. Instead of seeing it as a problem, I saw an opportunity to find a sustainable solution. I started collecting the seaweed and using it as fertilizer for my business, Blue-Green Nursery. As the seaweed continued to accumulate, I realized we could use it to create construction bricks. After adjusting a machine designed for adobe bricks, we developed Sargablock, an architectural brick made from sargassum seaweed. We built the first sargassum house, Casa Angelita, and now we are working to build affordable housing using this low-cost building material. Our vision is to create thriving, sustainable businesses that give back to our communities. We have received interest from other countries facing the same seaweed issue, which shows the potential for a global impact. Nature is telling us to protect our seas and take care of what we have.

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