Skio (YC S20) – Subscriptions for Shopify, ReCharge Migrations Is Hiring

Skio is a company that helps brands on Shopify sell subscriptions and more. The company was founded in 2021 and is currently in the seed funding stage. They have a team size of 41 and are close to profitability. Skio stands out in several ways, including “regiciding” a $2.1 billion incumbent with product-market fit, using a transaction fee business model, and having a low 409A valuation for cheap early exercise of options. They are solo-founded and backed by Y Combinator. Skio has a flat org structure, minimal meeting culture, and a big vision for building network effects. They value integrity, agency, and grind in their employees. Skio is looking for individuals with high skill ceilings, a sense of adventure, and a similar sense of humor. The founder, Kennan, has a track record of accomplishments and a strong commitment to building a successful company. Overall, Skio offers a unique and exciting opportunity for those looking to join a startup with high potential.

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