Speeding Up the Super Game Boy

The Super Game Boy is a unique device that allows you to play Game Boy games on your Super Nintendo console. The two consoles have very little in common, making this feat quite impressive. One interesting aspect of the Super Game Boy is its ability to go fast, thanks to a ROM hack called World Heroes 2 Jet True SGB Turbo Mode. Another way to change the speed of the Super Game Boy is through Hori’s Super Game Boy Commander, although it can be a challenge to fix if it’s damaged. The Super Game Boy runs at a faster speed than the Game Boy Player, which can cause issues with the link cable. The reason for this speed difference lies in the different clock speeds used by the consoles. The Super Game Boy fudges the clock speed of the Game Boy CPU to make it work with the Super Nintendo. This hack allows the Super Game Boy to run faster, but it also causes glitches in the game. Overall, the ability to change the speed of the Super Game Boy is a little-known but interesting feature that can be fun to experiment with.


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