Stable Linux mainline builds for Ubuntu

The author of this web content discusses their experience using mainline Linux kernels as opposed to Ubuntu’s generic kernel. They explain that they switched to mainline kernels because the Ubuntu kernel’s quality has decreased over time and contains backports that can introduce bugs and regressions. They highlight the delays in fixing such issues and emphasize the ease of identifying and resolving problems with mainline kernels. The author also mentions that they have moved their kernel repository to Github and have a proper package repository for easier access and scalability. They provide installation instructions and note that UEFI SecureBoot may need to be disabled. Additionally, the author discusses their use of ZFS and their separate ZFS repository. They explain the reasons behind using ZFS 2.2 and provide a link to the repository. Overall, the author shares their positive experience with mainline kernels and their efforts to make them available to others.

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