Tailscale Has Partnered with Mullvad

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Tailscale that will allow customers to use both Tailscale and Mullvad simultaneously through the Tailscale app. This unique functionality is not available through the Mullvad VPN app itself. With this partnership, Tailscale users can now utilize our WireGuard VPN servers as “exit nodes”. This means that while connected to Tailscale’s mesh network, users can still connect outbound through Mullvad VPN WireGuard servers in any location. This opens up various possibilities, such as accessing private photo albums on a PC at home while browsing the internet via a Mullvad VPN server in Sweden on a mobile phone. Another example would be working on self-hosted documents on another PC using Tailscale in a cafe, while sending all other traffic through Mullvad VPN on unencrypted WiFi. To learn more about using Mullvad exit nodes with Tailscale’s VPN service, visit our website at the provided link.


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