The most unusual magazine ever published: Man, Myth and Magic

Man, Myth and Magic is an illustrated encyclopedia that delves into the realms of the supernatural, religion, and anthropology. Originally published as a magazine-sized series in the UK from 1970 to 1971, it eventually grew into a collection of seven volumes. The encyclopedia has since been republished in different formats, with the 1995 edition being the most recent. It features contributions from various notable figures, including Aleister Crowley’s literary executor and biographer, John Symonds, and politicians such as Tom Driberg MP and John Selwyn Gummer. While the internet has made the encyclopedia’s information largely redundant, the unique writings of its contributors still hold curiosity value. The updated edition includes some revisions and new research, but largely maintains the original layout and content. The later reprintings, however, do not include the “Frontiers of Belief” section, which consisted of topical essays. Overall, Man, Myth and Magic provides a fascinating insight into the world of the supernatural, and its contributors’ views and opinions.

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