The office is a theatre for work (2019)

In this web content, the author shares their insights on the connection between improvisational theatre and consulting work. They have written a five-part series that explores various aspects of this connection. The first chapter focuses on the idea that the office is a theatre for work, emphasizing the importance of performance in modern knowledge work. The author highlights the need for consultants to be able to think on their feet without bullshitting, and also touches on the concept of being present, public, and acting with voice in the workplace. The author suggests that orchestrating performances for your work is key to influence and impact as a consultant. They also discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that consultants face in the improv theatre of work, such as missed timings, missed context, and missed feedback. The author encourages consultants to embrace a level of “thinking on your feet” and provides tips for avoiding bullshitting. Overall, the content explores the intersection of theatre and work in an engaging and thought-provoking manner.

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