The underground economy of Glassdoor reviews

Online company reviews can greatly impact a company’s reputation and brand perception. However, there is a growing underground economy involved in manipulating these reviews. Companies pay freelancers to remove negative reviews or solicit fake positive reviews. Some freelancers have created sophisticated operations and pricing tiers for their services. The process of adding fake reviews is relatively easy, requiring only the ability to create an email address. Meanwhile, removing reviews can be more challenging, but different vendors offer various strategies and price points. It’s important to analyze reviews for suspicious patterns, like a flood of positive reviews at the same time, to determine their credibility. The voluntary response bias also affects review platforms, with extreme positive or negative reviews being more common than moderate opinions. Furthermore, Goodhart’s Law comes into play as some companies try to artificially inflate their reviews before specific deadlines or rankings. Overall, the underground economy of company reviews is alive and well, and it’s essential to critically evaluate these reviews to assess their validity.

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