Tkinter Designer: Quickly Turn Figma Design to Python Tkinter GUI

Tkinter Designer is a tool designed to streamline the process of creating GUIs in Python. It utilizes the popular design software Figma to make developing attractive Tkinter GUIs a breeze. The tool uses the Figma API to analyze a design file and generate the necessary code and files for the GUI. Recently, Tkinter Designer introduced multi-frame support, allowing users to create multiple frames within a single design file. This advancement is highly anticipated and users are encouraged to share their creations with the community on Discord. Tkinter Designer offers drag and drop functionality, making it faster and easier to create visually appealing interfaces compared to manually writing code. Users can support the Tkinter Designer project by making a donation or joining the Discord server or Linkedin group. To use Tkinter Designer, users simply design their interface in Figma and provide the Figma file URL and API token in Tkinter Designer, which will automatically generate the code and images required to create the GUI in Tkinter. The tool offers endless possibilities for GUI design and there are several examples available for inspiration. Tkinter Designer operates under the BSD 3-Clause License and contributions from the open-source community are encouraged. Users can contact the creator of Tkinter Designer via email or through the provided contact information.

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