Tor is not just for anonymity

In this post, the author argues that security is a broader term that encompasses both anonymity and privacy. They refute the notion that Tor only provides anonymity and highlight the benefits of Tor onion services that extend beyond anonymity. The author sets up two scenarios, one where a user visits a regular website using TLS and another where they visit a regular onion service. They make several assumptions about the setup in both scenarios. The author then discusses the Tor benefits that contribute to anonymity, such as the majority of the path being unknown to the user and the destination being unknown to most parties involved. However, they also emphasize that Tor offers additional security benefits that are not related to anonymity. For example, Tor eliminates the possibility of DNS hijacking and ensures that MITM attacks are impossible. The author concludes by stating that Tor offers more security than TLS because it requires fewer assumptions and provides a guarantee of secure connection. They argue that Tor onion services are designed to be more secure than regular websites accessed through TLS.

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