Why use Pascal?

Object Pascal is a modern programming language that emphasizes readable code. It supports all the features you would expect from a modern object-oriented programming language, such as classes, units, properties, generics, interfaces, reflection, and closures. The language is type-safe and offers special types for booleans, strings, chars, sets, enums, and ranges. Additionally, there are runtime checks for array ranges, integer overflow, assertions, and memory leaks. Object Pascal can be compiled to native code, making it fast out of the box. It also allows for low-level optimizations, such as writing OS and CPU-specific code in assembly. However, in most cases, you won’t need to go that low-level. Object Pascal is cross-platform, supporting desktop, mobile, console, and web development. The Castle Game Engine is an open-source engine that uses Object Pascal and encourages users to contribute. There are existing libraries for various purposes, and integration with C API libraries is easy. The ecosystem includes the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC), the Lazarus IDE, and the commercial Delphi compiler and IDE. Integration with VS Code is also supported.


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