Why yewtu.be was down: Data loss after being shut down by Oracle Cloud

On June 30th, Oracle Cloud unexpectedly shut down all of my servers hosted on two Oracle Cloud accounts. This cloud provider has a reputation for banning accounts without giving any explanation. Unfortunately, it was my fault for not having proper backups in place. I had data duplication between the two accounts, but no backups. I apologize if you have lost your subscriptions, playlists, or watch history. I have reached out to Oracle Cloud to recover the data, but they will likely ignore me. Therefore, I will not be accepting new registrations on yewtu.be to avoid the responsibility of safeguarding user data. However, you can still use yewtu.be without an account. If you want to create an account on Invidious, please use other instances or install Invidious locally on your computer. It took a while for yewtu.be to become available again because I had to find new servers and set them up. Additionally, I took this opportunity to rebuild my infrastructure from scratch for better management. (And also, I plan to recover from all these events by going on a day-long hike.)


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