Zink brings conformant OpenGL on Imagination GPUs

Imagination Technologies has made an exciting announcement that they are now utilizing Zink for full OpenGL 4.6 support. Collabora worked closely with engineers from Imagination to bring this innovation to life, and they are thrilled to finally showcase the results. This is a significant milestone as it is the first time a hardware vendor has relied solely on the OpenGL-on-Vulkan Mesa driver, bypassing a native OpenGL driver entirely. Zink, which initially started as a small R&D project at Collabora, has now evolved into a thriving community project. The solution provided by Imagination is officially conformant, marking an important step towards a future where Zink becomes a generic layered implementation. There is great potential for combining Zink with Imagination’s open source driver in the near future, promising further advancements for the open source graphics stack on Imagination hardware.


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