Carl Linnaeus Set Out to Label All of Life

Tyrannosaurus rex, the famous dinosaur that lived millions of years ago, remains a popular topic of conversation and a staple in pop culture. Thanks to Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg, and the fascination of children worldwide, T. rex continues to captivate people. Surprisingly, many people, including children, know T. rex’s proper scientific name, which is Tyrannosaurus rex. This name is part of binomial nomenclature, a system used by scientists to assign a unique name to every species. Although binomial names are not commonly used in everyday conversation, they play a crucial role in scientific fields. Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist who developed this system, is a figure surrounded by controversy, with some viewing him as an Enlightenment-era genius and others condemning him as a racist. Linnaeus’s life story is filled with interesting details, including the origin of his own name, which was derived from a species of tree. Despite facing obstacles during his education, Linnaeus became a renowned botanist and made significant contributions to the field of taxonomy. His systematics divided plants into classifications based on the reproductive methods of flowering plants. This system scandalized some at the time but helped spread Lin

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