Cyberdecks (2013)

The author of this web content discusses their inspiration for the concept of a cyberdeck, which is a mobile computer with a cyberpunkish look and feel. They explain that the idea of a cyberdeck originated from the portrayal of decks in popular novels and role-play games. The author notes that decks are still attractive to many people today because of their cool appearance. The author then discusses their personal need for a cyberdeck, as a programmer who requires a large monitor for productivity. They contemplate the possibility of using Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) with decks instead of notebooks. The author expresses their desire to build a highly customized workstation that would be specifically tailored to their needs as a programmer. They discuss the potential features of a deck, such as multiple high-resolution webcams, detachable keyboards, Leapmotion-like sensors for hand motions, and e-ink displays for system console purposes. The author also suggests the use of alternative computing platforms and high-end GPUs for the deck. They ask readers for their thoughts on the concept of cyberdecks and whether they would be interested in owning one.

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