GNU Boot sent a cease and desist to Libreboot

The author breaks their silence to address the fork of Libreboot called GNU Boot. The author, who is not a member of the GNU Boot project but wants to see it succeed, created an unofficial fork of Libreboot, called non-GeNUine Boot, for the GNU Boot project to use. The fork was created due to disagreement with Libreboot’s Binary Blob Reduction Policy. The author highlights that GNU Boot is based on an old version of Libreboot and lacks a website. The author offers their support and expertise to the GNU Boot project, despite personally not using or recommending it. The author also mentions their previous project, osboot, and the merge with Libreboot. In an update, the author discusses receiving a cease and desist email from the GNU Boot project, despite their unofficial fork clearly stating it was not part of the GNU Boot project. The project was then renamed non-GeNUine Boot.

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