Grave of a man who never was (2015)

In 1943, the Allies came up with a clever plan to deceive the Germans during World War II. Called Operation Mincemeat, this plan involved using a dead body and a fake identity to mislead the enemy about the Allies’ true intentions. The corpse of Glyndwr Michael, a drifter who had died from rat poison, was given the new identity of Major William “Bill” Martin. A detailed backstory was created for Major Martin, complete with love letters, bank statements, and clothing purchase receipts. The body, dressed in a Royal Marine uniform and carrying fake “top secret” documents, was then dropped into the sea off the coast of Spain. The German intelligence agent, upon discovering the body, was fooled into thinking that the invasion plans for Greece and Sardinia had been intercepted. As a result, German defensive efforts were redirected to these locations instead of Sicily. Thousands of lives were saved, and the deception was considered a success. Major Martin, or rather Glyndwr Michael, was ultimately buried with military honors in Spain. This incredible story of deception and its impact on the outcome of the war is a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Allies.

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