Kermit Project books and articles online

The Kermit Project, which operated from 1980-2011 at Columbia University, relied on writing and publishing books to generate revenue. Many of these books were published by Digital Press but are now out of print. Since the manager of Digital Press gave permission before the company sank, and since the main tool used to create the books will soon disappear, all of the books are being made available online. The books cover topics such as the Kermit file transfer protocol, data communications protocols and software, MS-DOS Kermit, Macintosh Kermit, and C-Kermit. Some of the books went through multiple editions and were translated into other languages. The books were produced using Brian Reid’s Scribe markup language and document preparation system, which allowed for flexible formatting and style variations. The author ran the books through Scribe on a Sun Solaris Unix server at Columbia University to produce a PostScript version before converting them to PDF. The author reflects on the history, creation, and availability of each book.

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