Microsoft is killing WordPad in Windows

Microsoft has announced that it will deprecate the WordPad application in a future Windows update. While the company did not specify the exact timing of this change, it is no surprise, as WordPad has not been under active development for some time. WordPad is a basic text-editing app that has been included in Windows since 1995, providing users with a simple word processor integrated into the operating system. Microsoft recommends using the Microsoft Word app as a replacement for WordPad, while suggesting Notepad for plain text documents. This move follows the optional feature status of WordPad in Windows 10 Insider Build 19551. The decision to deprecate WordPad may not be related to the recent Qbot malware operation, which exploited a DLL hijacking vulnerability in the app. Additionally, Microsoft previously announced the deprecation of the classic Windows Paint application but decided to make it available through the Microsoft Store due to overwhelming user support. Another change is the slow phasing out of Cortana as the Windows digital assistant, with its role being replaced by the AI-powered Windows Copilot.

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