Polars: Company Formation Announcement

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our company, which will revolve around Polars and its ability to process data at any scale. The journey started three years ago, with the initial commit of Polars, a pet project aimed at exploring query engines, Apache arrow, and the Rust programming language. However, it has grown exponentially since then. Polars is now one of the fastest open-source OLAP query engines, with over 6 million total downloads and 19,000 GitHub stars. It has become a popular choice, closing in on the likes of Apache Spark and Pandas. Polars fills a void that has widened over the past decade, utilizing the powerful and often underused capabilities of modern laptops. Unlike many previous DataFrame implementations, Polars was built from scratch in Rust, learning from past mistakes and incorporating the best ideas. Its success lies in its strict and consistent API, making it ideal for building accurate data pipelines. Additionally, Polars boasts a fast vectorized query engine and comes with a query optimizer, offering great performance and memory usage. The company aims to deliver a Rust-based compute platform that can efficiently scale Polars, catering to both local and cloud/distributed environments. They believe that Polars, as a Rust-based


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