Servicer, pm2 alternative built on Rust and systemd

Simplify Service Management on systemd servicer is a user-friendly CLI tool that aims to make service management on systemd simpler by simplifying the complexities of the systemd ecosystem. Similar to popular tools like pm2, servicer provides an easy-to-use API that allows users to effortlessly create, control, and manage services. Written in Rust, servicer is lightweight and does not run in the background or fork services. It also does not run a custom logging solution, instead relying on journald for logging. Users can install servicer by downloading the binary from the release page or building it from source using cargo. servicer allows users to create services using the “create” command, either with a default interpreter or a custom one. Users can also view the status, logs, stop, disable, or delete services using various commands. Additionally, servicer allows users to view the file and unit paths for a particular service. Overall, servicer is designed to simplify service management on systemd and provides a helpful and convenient tool for users.

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