The English Programming Language

English is a high-level programming language optimized for concurrent communications. It has been used successfully in various scenarios, including data storage, arts, and text-based adventures. English is used on over 1.4 billion devices and powers millions of books. The language follows principles such as portability, extensibility, and multi-paradigm support. It is resilient, allowing execution on organic hardware despite syntax errors. English evolves over time without refactoring existing codebases. The syntax relies on whitespace, commas, and punctuation. Operators are used for execution, information requests, concatenation, and more. English statements are free-form and execution depends on the interpreter’s training. The language utilizes a vast set of interchangeable keywords and self-documented code. The only compiler available is Wernicke, and English can be coded on various mediums. The English community is vibrant with numerous distributions and libraries available.

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